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Today, information is the life-blood of every organisation, those that utilize that resource most effectively gain competitive advantage, better profitability and greater potential for growth.

We understand how difficult it can be for smaller businesses to access affordable and reliable specialist software consultancy and development services. At Micrologica Systems we have been providing such services to smaller and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) since 1979 - our objective has been to listen and understand our clients’ requirements, identify and explain appropriate solutions, and to implement and support software to satisfy those needs.

You too can take advantage of our professional and flexible bespoke development services.


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Micrologica Systems specialises in providing IT consultancy services, bespoke software solutions and general programming and support services. We are proud to have been in business since 1979.

We specialise in the areas of accountancy, import-export/logistics/supply-chain, construction & maintenance and property management - building database systems with rich graphical user interfaces, comprehensive reporting & analysis tools, and flexible client access from desktop, web or mobile device.

We also have expertise in the support and migration of legacy applications and data - we are happy to discuss how to extend the life of existing business-critical applications and databases.