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Course Delivery

Two primary principles guide our course delivery - firstly, the most effective form of teaching is face-to-face, and secondly, individuals learn by doing.


Instructor-led learning is arguably the fastest and most effective method since it is highly interactive and the instructor can identify and adapt to issues as they arise. Instructors with experience of the industry can also contextualise material, enabling delegates to immediately relate it to their professional experience. Because of the importance of individual interaction and the opportunity for delegates to ask questions and obtain help and guidance when they need it, our class sizes are kept small with a maximum of eight delegates per course.


It is thought that as learners we internalise and remember around 80% of what we experience or practice directly, against some 20% of what we, passively, are told. For this reason, practical hands-on activities are included throughout our courses to reinforce theory.

About Us

Micrologica Systems has been providing consultancy, bespoke software development and training for over 30 years and our trainers  are experienced developers  as well as qualified and experienced educators.

We offer a range of  instructor-led scheduled courses and bespoke on- and off-site training.  IT is a fast-paced, stimulating and exciting environment in which to work; we believe that acquiring and enhancing professional skills should be challenging yet enjoyable and we seek to make our courses motivating, engaging and insightful.

Training Venues

We deliver our public scheduled courses at high quality, tranquil and supportive venues in the medieval city of York. All training rooms are equipped with modern audio-visual equipment and refreshments are available throughout the day.

We are able to provide training on-site for clients, although for private or customised courses we would still recommend off-site provision  as this avoids the inevitable distractions of the everyday work location.


Why Us?

To be cost-effective training must perform three tasks: it must impart technical knowledge, it must impart and enhance skills, and it must endow the delegate with confidence in their ability to use their knowledge and skills. We believe that in the tutorial environment provided by our instructors, delegates are best placed to achieve that confidence. All delegates are asked to complete a course assessment form on completion and we use this feedback as part of our continuous improvement programme.  



Course materials are developed in-house and we are able to provide bespoke courses for clients after appropriate assessment of their requirements. We can provide .computers, audio-visual equipment  and course delivery at any suitable venue subject to availability and prior agreement. In addition, Micrologica Systems can provide consultancy, project management and software development services, please see our services website.