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Bespoke, on-site or off-site training

Training can be provided on the client’s premises or at a convenient off-site venue.

Small-group on-site delivery of training can be cost-effective..

In addition to our scheduled public courses, we are able to present courses at a client’s premises or at a suitable external venue local to the client’s site. These may be our standard courses, modified to address specific requirements of the client, or on other topics as required by the client.

Standard & modified courses

Delivery of our standard courses can be cost-effective with as few as three delegates when travelling and accommodation costs are factored in. Additionally, the course can be adjusted to focus particularly on those areas of concern to the client. Our fee for presenting on-site is £960  plus VAT per day - this is inclusive of travel, accommodation and expenses and the provision of computers and projector if required. Maximum class size is eight delegates.


Where it is felt appropriate, to minimise disturbance, as a motivating factor, or because of  lack of space, courses can be provided at a suitable venue close to the client’s site - the client would be subject to an additional charge for facilities hire.

Bespoke courses

For clients with specialist training needs we can undertake training requirements analysis and the preparation of an entirely bespoke course in conjunction with your technical specifications.


One-to-one training, coaching and mentoring

Please enquire if you have a need for individual tuition, mentoring or other training or systems services.