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Data Modelling & Database Design

3 Days


Database design is crucial to effectively implement a relational database. In this course we discuss the parts of a database, how to model data, database construction, and developing a database in a business environment. These skills are fundamental to managing database backed web sites, or any relational database application. The delegates will explore the different forms of database architecture and focus on the Relational model with some discussion of modern derivative forms such as the Object-Relational Model. They will learn to identify business/problem-domain entities and their relationships; use software tools to design and reverse-engineer data models; and understand the  notions of normalisation and navigation as important aids to developing efficient and reliable database systems.


The importance and role of standardised Structured Query Language (SQL) in the relational database world will be understood and the various mechanisms by which a database may be accessed by application software and web services will be explored. Embedded, client-server, n-tier and web-server configurations are discussed. Practical hands-on work with MySQL and SQL Server  DBMSs is used to reinforce theory.




This Data Modelling & Relational Database Design training course assumes that delegates have some Information Technology background. No specific experience with Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) is assumed.


Who Should Attend

This course is directed at individuals with some previous exposure to IT development, possibly in a programming or managerial role, who wish to master both the theoretical and practical aspects of data modelling and database design and construction . Particularly suitable for career-break re-entrants to the profession and to developers wishing to add additional skills to their portfolio.



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