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Delphi for Windows 32/64 Foundation

5 Days


The Delphi for Native Windows 32/64 Foundation course encompasses the use of the Embarcadero RAD Studio environment to develop application software using the Delphi Object Pascal language. The course starts with an overview of  the Native Windows platform compared with the dotNET platform and an exploration of the RAD Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment). We look at how to structure projects  and the role of the various files that comprise our project.


Following this, we cover the language features that are needed in order to create full featured Windows applications that make best use of the native windows environment. Delegates learn about data types, variables, and operators, along with the important flow control structures. Delegates work through several practical examples which which reinforce the theory and  demonstrate the power of the Visual Component Library (VCL). Other topics covered include object-orientation and creating classes and objects, working with data structures, such as arrays and collection classes, generics, handling exceptions and working with delegates and events. On completion of this course, attendees will understand the important basic concepts that enable the creation of  professional applications  using RAD Studio and Delphi .



This Delphi Foundation training course assumes that students have some programming background. No specific

experience with RAD Studio, the Delphi, object-oriented programming or Pascal is assumed.


Who Should Attend

This course is directed at individuals with some previous exposure to programming, possibly in a non-object-oriented paradigm, who wish to master both the RAD Studio environment and a visual, object-oriented, style of development using the Delphi (Pascal) language. Particularly suitable for career-break re-entrants to the profession and to developers wishing to cross-train from other languages.



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